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Onomeya is the artistic name Alfredo uses for his most creative side, which includes film music composition and sound healing journeys.



Onomeya is the artistic name Alfredo uses for his most creative side. At the age of 23, after a break due to a shoulder injury, Onomeya decides to explore his creativity. From this moment, motivated by the influence of other artists, especially Jacob Collier, he embarks on a journey into composition and electronic music production, focusing on corporate and film music.


He has composed music for short films such as "La Miel" and "Pequeña Soledad", or the Dance Show "La Magia de las Señales", and has collaborated with artists such as Stephanie Kuenzli, Jorge Toledo, EPS Studio or Raúl Barrero. Onomeya collaborates regularly with companies such as Recover and +MasQi.


He has been trained in sound and recording techniques with Toni Sanchez and is currently a student of the Master of Mixing with Soma. 


Onomeya offers sound healing journeys in Switzerland, France and Spain regularly.

In those sessions, he combines tibetan and crystal singing bowls, cello improvisation and ancestral chants. These soundbaths are experienced laying in a comfortable mat, with closed eyes, helping the body to fully relax, slowing down the mind frequency and balancing the emotions.

He offers group and private sessions.

He has been invited for the last two years to Verbier Festival in Switzerland to introduce this new way of experiencing sound vibration.


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