25th  JUNE       Chamber Music Concert 

Baden, Switzerland - Rahn Chamber Music Festival 

3-8th  JULY        Sound Healing Sessions at Rise Up Gathering

Schloss Glarisegg am Bodensee, Switzerland

30th  JUNE         Sound Healing Session at The Looking Glass with Zofia Neugebauer

Basel, Switzerland

21st  JULY         Sound Healing Sessions at Verbier Festival

Verbier, Switzerland

5th  AUG         SPIRITUAL BACH - Suites 3, 4 & 5 with Mantra Improvisation

Theater im Hof Festival, Germany


15th  MAY        Chamber Music Concert - Trio with Zofia Neugebauer & Dominic Chamot

Luzern - Works by Brahms, Debussy, Schubert and Rachmanninoff

9th  JUNE         Nume Festival - Chamber Music Concert

Cortona, Italy - Schubert "Quartettsatz" & Tchaikovsky "Souvenir du Florence"

14th  MAY        Chamber Music Concert 

Musik Akademie Basel - Brahms Quartet nº3

8th  MAY          Private Chamber Music Concert 

Basel, Switzerland - Brahms Quartet nº3

21st  APRIL        Pastoral 21 Tour - Verbier Festival Chamber Music

Maison des Moines, Romainmotier, Switzerland

22st  APRIL        Pastoral 21 Tour - Verbier Festival Chamber Music

Mascotte Club, Zürich

23st  APRIL        Pastoral 21 Tour - Verbier Festival Chamber Music

Place Centrale, Verbier

2nd  APRIL        Release of ANTHESIA in all digital platforms


27th MARCH    Sound Healing Session with Zofia Neugebauer

Fachwerk Allschwill, Baselland 

19th MARCH    Chamber Music Concert - Rhein Klassiks Festival

Don Bosco Basel - Made in Trio & Friends

Turina, Penderecki, Connesson, etc

13th MARCH    Sound Healing Session - Chakras Journey with Zofia Neugebauer

Singer Klub Basel - In collaboration with Heal Play Love

27th FEB          Sound Healing Session with Zofia Neugebauer

Fachwerk Allschwill, Baselland

26th FEB          Recital cello solo in collaboration with Sara Sepúlveda

Spanish Consulate in Zürich - Spiritual Bach & Cassadó

26th FEB          Electronic music LIVE set with Zofia Neugebauer

LORA Basel - Heal Play Love 

21st - 23rd       Cello Masterclasses


Conservatorio Superior de Música de Alicante