Onomeya, Alfredo Ferre, is one of the Spanish cellists with the greatest projection and international recognition. His connection with the audience and his honesty and purity in expressing himself with the instrument stand out in every performance. Onomeya has been awarded the First Prize at the VI International Competition Antonio Janigro in Zagreb and the Jean Nicholas Firmenich Prize at the Verbier Festival in Switzerland in 2017.


Born in Elda (Alicante-Spain) in 1994, he has performed as a soloist in some of the most important concert halls in the world, such as the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid, the Auditorium V. Lisinksi of Zagreb, La Fenice Theater of Venice, the Shostakovich Hall of St. Petersburg, KKL Luzern, the Carlos Plantini National Theater of the Dominican Republic, the ADDA of Alicante, the Palau del Arts of Valencia, with orchestras such as the Zagreb Soloists, the Croatian Radio-Television Orchestra, Varazdin Kammerorkester, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga, Lunebürg Bachorkester or the Freixenet Orchestra of the Reina Sofia School, among others.


After his first years under the guidance of Francisco Pastor, Alfredo enters the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofia in Madrid, in the professorship of Natalia Shakhovskaya and Michal Dmochovsky, who have a determining role in his development as a cellist. In 2017 he moved to Switzerland, to continue his training with Ivan Monighetti and Claudio Martinez Mehner, completing a Master's degree and two postgraduate degrees at the Musik Akademie in Basel, the city where he currently resides. Heime Muller and Anton Kernjak awaken his great interest in chamber music.


In this sense, he has collaborated with artists such as Mischa Maisky, Claudio Martínez-Mehner, Sol Gabetta, Lily Francis, Ettore Causa, Vlad Stanculesa, Ivan Monighetti, etc. He is also co-founder of the M.A.D Ensemble, a chamber ensemble based in Basel.


His recent appearances at the Verbier, Pau Casals and Theater im Hof Festivals, as well as his debut with Prokofiev's Sinfonia Concertante for cello and orchestra under the baton of Enrico Dindo in Zagreb, Croatia, are worth mentioning. Onomeya has participated in other festivals such as Gstaad Menuhin Festival, Le Conques in France, Kronberg Festival, the International Festival of Úbeda, the Pau Casals Festival in El Vendrell, the Festival Clásicos en Verano in Madrid or the Encuentro de Música de Santander.


Onomeya's concerts have been broadcasted, among others, by the Croatian Radio Television, Medici TV, the Radio of Venice, the SRF of Switzerland, or RTVE in its Concert nº2 by J.Haydn for cello and Orchestra of "LA 2".  


Onomeya plays a cello kindly lent by a patron of the arts, presumably built by Francesco Gofriller around 1740, in Venice.


At the age of 23, after a break due to a shoulder injury, Onomeya reflects on his life and decides to explore his creative side. From this moment, motivated by the influence of other artists, especially Jacob Collier, he embarks on a journey into composition and electronic music production, with creations ranging from pieces for corporate videos, to soundtracks. 


He has composed music for short films such as "La Miel", or the Dance Show "La Magia de las Señales", and has collaborated with artists such as Stephanie Kuenzli in Switzerland or Raúl Barrero in Spain. His mastery of technology, together with the harmony richness of classical music and the use of his voice in different registers make his compositions unique works that adapt perfectly to each project.

This versatility, combined with his sensitivity to relate music to image, has led him to work with EPS Studio in Madrid or the filmmaker Jorge Toledo and collaborates regularly with companies such as Recover. 


Onomeya has been trained in sound and recording techniques with Toni Sanchez and is currently a student of the Master of Mixing with Soma. 


Onomeya's purest side is the one related to spiritual development, the one that uses sound as a healing tool,

both for himself and for others.


Formed in Akashic Records at the Escuela de Sabiduría Ancestral (ESA) in Alicante, and after a long process

of personal self-discovery with the guidance of his spiritual mentor, Akasha, Onomeya feels the call to share his experience and gifts with the world, through sound therapies, both individual and group. In these therapies, Onomeya channels sound with his voice, cello and singing bowls, in order to reactivate your full potential, increase your vibration and balance your body, mind and emotions.


What distinguishes Onomeya and his sessions is the personalized Mantra, channeled and recorded in high quality for his clients. These sound mantras, which Onomeya accesses with the Akashic Records, gather an enormous amount of information about your being, and provide you with the medicine you need to transform and heal your emotional blockages.


Regularly invited to +MasQi, The Energy House in Spain, Onomeya has received more than 100 people in the last few months, and has recorded and sent more than 600 minutes of Mantras to his clients. 

Places like the Verbier Festival in Switzerland have recently contracted group sessions with Onomeya.


In a quest to share these techniques with a wider audience, Onomeya has created the Spiritual Bach concert, in which through Johann Sebastian Bach's six suites for solo cello and the art of mantra chanting he takes the audience on an inner journey, a purification of the soul where they will discover new ways of listening to and receiving music. Onomeya has presented this project at the Swiss Foundation in Basel or the Theater im Hof Festival in Germany. 


Onomeya has a spiritual duo with Zofia Neugebauer, singer and flutist with whom he joins her gifts in healing concerts where they use their voices, cello, flute and Tibetan bowls, all together with electronic music produced by them. They have performed in cities such as Lucerne, Basel and Alicante.