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Sound therapy is a very powerful healing technique used since ancient times. The sessions we offer consist of sound channeling through our voice, flute, cello and singing bowls. The session includes a guided meditation and visualization, to help you enter a state of calmness and be open to take in the sound in a deeper way. We offer you the possibility to record the personalized mantra in High Quality, so you can meditate, relax and get inspired by it. We send you the Recording via WeTransfer in the next days.


The therapies are based on the use of the Akashic Records, in which I have been trained at the ESA School with my beloved teacher, Akasha. It is an essential tool in my life, which I use daily for myself, and in all my therapies and concerts. It is my way of connecting to you, to your being, and thus channeling the sound you need.


In addition, I will give you exercises with your voice and your breathing that you can apply at home. 


My clients use the mantra for their daily meditations, before going to sleep, to relax or simply as background music. You can read their opinions here.

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