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This experience is something unique.


A gift for the senses, this sound healing session imprints a deep meaningful memory in your system, bringing your nervous system to a state of calm and safety with special musical instruments. Probably the number one aspect we all seek in life; peace and love, is experienced deeply in this session. The sound frequency of the crystal singing bowls slow down your brain waves, helping you free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and come into a state of stillness. Your body is deeply relaxed. It works straight with the core of your being. 

What to expect

The best part of this experience is the simplicity of it. You come with comfortable clothes, you lay down in a mat with a blanket, you close your eyes, and you relax. You will hear different instruments around the room, with different qualities, during an hour. This sound will bring you into a dream-like state, that sweet spot that we reach right before falling into deep sleep. Your body will release so much tension, and your mind will become clear and light. At the end of the session I will give you some time to slowly come back and integrante the experience, and that's it. 

The session happens in my music studio in Allschwill, where I have a beautiful piano and a great sound system which I use sometimes to work with certain sound frequencies which are deeply beneficial for the body and not possible to produce with a normal instrument.

About me

My name is Alfredo, and I have been working with sound since I was born. I have studied cello in the best musik akademies in the world, including Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía in Madrid and the Musik Akademie Basel, with some of the biggest legends of this century's classical music scene. In the middle of my solo cello career, I discovered meditation. What a blessing. Since then I invest a lot of my time diving into self discovery and growth. A new relationship with sound started to unfold, I started to be more conscious about it's impact in my body and how it serves health, alignment and expansion used properly. It's being 5 years now that I put all my knowledge and musical background in service for helping people feel better. It is simple and powerful. 

Request an appointment for a Private Session

Thank you! I will contact you as soon as possible.


Binningerstrasse 116, 2º floor 

4123 Allschwill, Switzerland


60 - 70 min


Individual Session: 150 CHF

Session for a couple: 210 CHF

Next step

Fill out the form to find an appointment and I will write you back to search for a date and time.

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